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The main objectives of SSN

The main objectives of SSN are as follows:

  • Promoting the use of stainless steel
  • Collecting information about the market
  • Training and publishing
  • Consulting
  • Cooperation with national and international organizations
  • Integrating organizations under the Association's umbrella
  • Formulating the principles of honest competition
  • Promoting sustainable growth
  • Providing opinions, inspiring the business environment

SSN is a member of the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF). SSN cooperates with a number of national associations in the industry with similar profile of operation, whose aim is to promote stainless steel. We also cooperate with national periodicals and portals representing the industry.

SSN has published “Vademecum of Stainless Steel” – first in Poland, one of the first in Europe complete compendium of stainless steel released by the Polish Stainless Steel Association (SSN). Manual was written by Zbigniew Brytan - PhD Technical University of Silesia, with cooperation of experienced technical experts of professional trading and processing companies in Poland. It is designed for engineers, traders, students, designers, decision-makers, managers, technical support, but also for those who start their "adventure" with stainless steel.

Handbook is divided into several sections according to the level of advancement and gives an overview of the most important issues related to the production and use of stainless steel. It enables everyone to grasp the stainless steel grades, their properties and standard applications. It includes information about stainless steel products, surface finishes, passive layer, corrosion resistance and types of corrosion, as well as recommendations on joining, welding, chemical treatment and cleaning of steel. Vademecum is illustrated with tables, drawings and photos and has friendly form, that’s why it is easy to use .

Publication is written in Polish. SSN is the only distributor of Vademecum. Get more information at: ssn@stalenierdzewne.pl.

We are the sole organisation in Poland, presenting the index of stainless steels in a weekly cycle, indicating price levels and reflecting trends the Polish market.

We publish the most recent and interesting industry information, paying special attention to 'out-of-the-box' uses of stainless steel, technical and technological innovations, and tendencies on Polish and world markets of steel.
SSN offers consultation services, collaborating with Zbigniew Brytan, PhD, Technical University of Silesia expert in stainless steel. We look forward to being contacted by everybody who needs advice on materials, their properties and use. We also offer specialist services: analyses and studies for everybody who might be interested.
We offer open training in stainless steel at both basic and advanced levels, dedicated to a wide range of buyers and users of steel.